Health and Life Coaching By Stephanie Martin-Midha

Why wait for Monday when you’re worth it today?

I believe everyone is capable & worthy of living the life they desire.

I help women who feel disempowered with their health, lifestyle, body image, relationship with food and many other belief systems (such as connections to money, career or love).

Our step by step StartMondayMorning advanced programs will help you end the struggle and experience an entirely new positive relationship to food, your environments and your body.

We focus on retraining your beliefs and identity vs the antiquated way of “do this and not that” methods that fail long term

Health and Life Beliefs We help Reprogram

Here are some select areas we help to reprogram

Food: Using food to deal with daily stress

Energy: You are constantly tired and fed up with the way you feel in your body

Diets: Are you exhausted from trying the fad diet

Love: Looking at the beliefs of why you are unworthy of love

Money: Your story around holding you back from financial success

Career: How to find joy and fulfilment  

Empowerment Programs.

We offer our StartMondayMorning health and life coaching programs which will transform your beliefs and mindset.

Meet The Founder.

Stephanie Martin-Midha has designed programs that are authentic and take your unique lifestyle into consideration and the work is based around you.  She is based in New York City and works with clients globally.

Trained At The Highest Level.

Trained at the world-renowned Health Coach Institute based in the United States.

No Fee Strategy Session.

Stephanie offers an initial free strategy session to explore where you may feel disempowered in an area of your life.

Client Reviews.

Stephanie Martin-Midha is an amazing coach, I cannot recommend her and this program enough! My experience with her has helped me shift my mindset, and has given me the tools I need to achieve my health and wellness goals. Stephanie was so supportive throughout the whole process and had a way of breaking things down each week into small, manageable steps. I can’t wait to see where I am 1 year from now! - Kelsey P.

Stephanie was so kind and patient with our coaching process. The way she showed enthusiasm, curiosity and support for my making a shift made a difference for me. It felt like the change process could be fun and was less overwhelming. Thank you, Stephanie! - April S.

Stephanie is a ray of sunshine. Her warm energy is contagious and she did a great job of actively listening. She is a positive and insightful coach and was a joy to work with - Christina A

We did some transformational work. Stephanie helped me to see how far I have come with my self-care regiment and saying yes to myself more. She established such great rapport that I was more vulnerable and transparent which helped me to continue to take empowering action steps. I celebrate my personal power on this journey to becoming the best version of me. - Angela L

Stephanie is an amazing coach ! She is so sweet and genuine, I felt so comfortable with her - Michelle B.

Stephanie has really helped me see where my confidence is lacking. She has given me tips and tricks to help reassure myself that everything I want is attainable and understanding! She's such a kind soul and a fantastic coach - Faith G.


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